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Brokered for buyers the two newly completed subdivisions of duplexes in Tyler Texas:

Two separate newly constructed residential subdivisions of duplexes in Tyler, Texas.  Total acquisition price for the two was $10Mil. ($5Mil each). The Buyers are enjoying a ±6.5% net return on there investment with the properties being professionally managed by NWP Management in Tyler.

Single Credit Tenant Transactions Brokered for Buyers in 1031 Exchanges:

Dollar General Absolute NNN property, Jacksonville (Little Rock), Arkansas

Wienerschnitzel, La Mesa, California
Big 5 Terra Nova Center, Chula Vista, California
Jack in the Box, Mesquite, Texas
Burger King, Wickenburg, Arizona
Carquest, Oceanside, California
Dollar General, San Antonio, Texas

I welcome the opportunity to help you sell or acquire a commercial or apartment property in or around Escondido.  And if you want ease of ownership, I can manage your property in or around Escondido or help you acquire an ease-of-management, credit tenant property in California, Texas, Arizona or elsewhere in the USA.

Contact me at:

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