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TIE Commercial: Industrial Real Estate Sales, Leasing & Management and Net Lease Acquisitions


I broker sales, leasing & management of industrial and apartment properties in Escondido, San Marcos and surrounding areas.  Many long-time owners of high management and high maintenance properties have had me assist them in 1031 (or 1033) tax-deferred exchanges into single credit tenant properties in California, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas and Utah in which the credit tenants manage and maintain the property freeing the Landlord (Owner) from the hassles of property management and maintenance.  I've helped acquire properties with tenants such as Big 5 Sporting Goods, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Carquest & Dollar General.  Follow this link to see details of some Net Lease Transactions brokered.


The depth of due diligence I perform allows my clients to make well informed decisions about their acquisitions by analyzing documents including leases, CC&R's, financial operating history, franchise agreement, title issues and crime statistics.  I also survey market rents and interview city officials regarding allowed and "highest and best" future property uses.  Below, you will see many testimonials from my clients.


I go to great effort to make sure the acquisitions in which my clients engage ensure that they are well informed about the suitability of their real estate acquistions.


Rob Pew

You can trust the service you'll get from TIE Commercial

From the buyer of an office building in Escondido:


We were unsure if we wanted to pursue making an offer on a commercial building. Rob did valuations of other buildings similar in the area, and then spelled out via his analysis what we should offer, along w/the value of the building. We had no doubt at that point. Rob was on point and not only extremely knowledgeable about commercial real estate, but he intimately knows the process required at the city level as well.  In the end, we were able to achieve commercial building ownership at the price we could afford. We highly recommend Rob Pew as a commercial realtor. We've yet to meet anyone on top of their game in the commercial investment arena than Rob.




Julie Wright, CEO

Perfect Health Technologies, Inc.

This from the seller of commercial real estate who exchanged into multiple residential properties:


Over the past several years we have used Rob for his knowledge and understanding of investing in real estate.  Our confidence in Rob has grown with each venture, from a single property management to the most recent 1031 exchange and sale of commercial property. Success would not have been possible without his insight and understanding.  More important than the success of sale and purchase transactions is the trust and positive relationship that has developed between us.  Rob has a very strong ethics code not easily found in real estate investing.  Any future endeavors will include Rob Pew and TIE Commercial as our trusted representative.


Paul & Marlene Page

Escondido, CA

This from the seller of commercial real estate in the downtown area of Escondido:


Working with Rob to lease a part of my property and then sell the site for me was a good experience.  Rob was always working hard to get good results for me.  He was easy to work with and always available.  I would give him a "10" as a recommendation.


Linda Kohler

Escondido, CA

This from the seller of high value Los Angeles property and exchanging into out of California multi-residential property:


I have engaged Rob Pew to assist me on three separate real-estate projects (two acquisitions and one sale) during the past 24 months.  Each project presented unique challenges which Rob objectively addressed. His diligence and attention to detail in identifying and quantifying the pros & cons of a potential investment property remain his key strengths. His experience as a builder/contractor provides him with the unique ability to quickly assess substance and value when previewing properties.  Rob is easy to work with, and is sensitive to investor concerns and needs. After working closely together over the past two years I can say, without reservation, that Rob will be my agent/broker on any future real estate investment projects.


Alex Newton

San Diego, CA

This from the seller of commercial real estate into Out-of-California apartments:


Rob, Thanks so much for shepherding us through the 1031 exchange sale of our commercial properties in LA .  Your  knowledge and patience with all aspects of the sale was fantastic.  You were also very good at explaining and educating us on the pros and cons of the other investment areas we could exchange into.  We really appreciated your flexibility, good humor, and positive outlook during frustrating times.   Your orientation to details in all the due-dilligence work that was required when investigating possible replacement properties was also excellent.  In short, it was great to work with you on this deal.  Thanks again for all your help!


Best Wishes,

Vicki Newton

Corte Madera, CA

From the buyer of 3 condos in 3 different associations, all closed simultaneously all cash:


Rob, It felt like the "perfect storm" recently when my simultaneous offers on three different condos, from different sellers, were successful. With all the competition among buyers for the quality listings on the market we would have been fortunate to get just one. Your advice, research and communication with the listing brokers were all instrumental to this success. However, that was just the beginning. Now the purchases had to be closed in 15 days. I think the listing brokers were amazed that we did it. Not only were you able to get them all to close on time, but you lead the charge in putting forth the most effort and keeping all parties involved focused on the goal. You did a great job and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Bert Petty

Escondido, CA

From the Buyer of a high value land parcel in Los Angeles on South Sepulveda:


Rob, The seller and his family and I, have had a "rental/lease" relationship for over 60 years on this property.  You were a great guy to work with. You're committed, loyal and very detail oriented,  especially noting that you represented both myself and the seller in this transaction. You did a one heck of a job for us both. Thanks Rob!


Rick Eckhart

Thousand Oaks, CA

From the buyers of the Big 5 Terra Nova Center, Chula Vista, California:


Rob, I have to say that over the many years that we have worked with real estate brokers, I've never come across one like you.  You have somehow managed to convince me that you are truly watching out for us.  The majority of brokers would, and did, say whatever was necessary to broker the deal, not always in our best interest.  I feel like you, on the other hand, would try your best to keep us alert when the deal was not truly appropriate for us. For this, I truly thank you.


Tim & Linda Chatton

Escondido, CA

From the sellers of Escondido apartments who exchanged into a Jack in the Box, Mesquite, Texas:


Hi Rob, Joan & I want to express our appreciation for all the due diligence you exercised in selling our 14 unit apartment in Escondido and then finding a property exchange Jack in the Box in another state to better achiieve an excellent return on our investment dollar.  Throughout the escrow period we felt very much at ease because of how you related to us and how your knowledge and expertise showed thru.  Thanks again!!!


Gus & Joan Rico

Escondido, CA

From the seller of an office building in Escondido:


Congratulations Rob! Your certainly worked for this one!  Thanks for all of your diligent work to get this done.  I really appreciate your efforts.


LaDawn Tanner

San Diego, CA

From an Escondido Landlord:


Dear Rob, I know my mom's commercial property was very difficult to find tenants for and I would like to thank you for all the hard work and hours upon hours you spent finding the right tenants for her.  It was so comforting to know you had her best interests at heart and we could trust your honesty, experience, and judgment.  Thank you also for all the advice and direction you have given us.  I would recommend you to anyone I know! Sincerely,


Yvonne Scott

Escondido, CA

From a client for whom I have brokered multiple properties:


Hi Rob:  I highly appreciate your professional service which made these deals finally go through.  Honestly, without your effort, I might have given up on the deal because of so many deals in the market at this moment.  No question, I will refer you to any of my friends who want to buy or sell.  Best Regards,


Gordon Fang

Escondido, CA

From the seller of another office building in Escondido:


Rob is steadfast even in a down market.  He pursued various avenues to get the job done and worked to gather tenant and buyer prospects.  Since we live remotely, Rob worked with tenants, the city and on the building without our physical presence.


Marya Jauregui

Laguna Beach, CA

I welcome the opportunity to help you sell or acquire a commercial or apartment property in or around Escondido.  And if you want ease of ownership, I can manage your property in or around Escondido or help you acquire an ease-of-management, credit tenant property in California, Texas, Arizona or elsewhere in the USA.

Contact me at:

TIE Commercial

1835 S Centre City Pkwy #446

Escondido, CA 92025


Cell/Text 760.532.1600




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